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An epic family culinary experience

Serving sweet sugary goodness to metropolitan Phoenix


Our specialty coffee drinks, and decadent dessert menu is inspired by the rich flavors of Mexican cuisine including cinnamon, vanilla, specialty sugars, rich wholesome creamers, and nuts.

Dia de los muertos

Día De Los Muertos or "Day of the Dead", is a holiday celebrated on the 1st & 2nd of November. It is mostly observed in Mexico and is a joyful celebration recognizing the lives of family and friends that have passed on. We chose Día De Los Muertos as a design motif, as part of our brand, because we admire how the Mexican culture remembers and respects their dead. It's a beautiful celebration of their lives in bright living color!

Meet our cast of characters...



This is a playful rendition of Thayne as a kid, who loved to skateboard.



This represents a whimsical rendition of Joy as a little girl, cruising the streets on her skateboard.



This illustration takes into account the crazy personality of our English Bulldog Winston, who we love dearly, and who brings smiles to everyone.



Each of the characters designed above have a red butterfly made up of imperfect hearts arranged in the shape of a beautiful butterfly. We call this magical creature a Koolifly, and at the center of it's beautiful body is a crystal clear transparent heart. We call this special transparent heart a Kooliheart.

Kooliflies represent people that live transparent lives focused upon one thing, love. This is a really important part of our business and is a simple reminder to us to love unconditionally.



Not only do we serve amazing specialty coffee drinks, decadent churros, and mexican themed ice-cream treats, but our food truck was designed to be a complete entertainment experience. "Churro1" AKA "Flaquita" is a mobile entertainment food truck that includes a 2,000 watt portable sound system, a custom designed HID light rig, specialty DJ lighting, fog, and magical fog-filled bubbles.