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Our Story

Churromigos Creamery Café™ is a Food Truck inspired by the wonderful cuisine of the Hispanic community, specifically Mexican Desserts and Coffee. The business is owned and operated by Thayne & Joy Martin who bring a wealth of knowledge and passion to the Food Truck industry.

Starting at an early age, Thayne got his first taste of the Hispanic culture working for Top Shelf Mexican Food where he met many wonderful members of the Hispanic community and their culture. He continued working in the restaurant industry through high school and college where he met the love of his life, Joy Welling, at Arizona State University. Joy was struggling to make ends meet working a retail job and was always impressed by the amount of cash Thayne always seemed to have and the next thing you know, Joy was hired as a waitress at the same restaurant. They shared a lot of great memories there and met some fantastic people.

Over the years, they developed a sincere love for the Hispanic community, not only for their awesome food, but for the culture that emphasizes families, friends, kindness and fun. Hispanic people are truly some of the happiest people we know and we admire their culture.

While the Martin’s definitely have a love for epic Mexican Food, they were particularly drawn to Mexican coffee characterized by rich cream, cinnamon and vanilla….what's not to love. From there, the menu extended into complimentary dessert foods that work with the rich Mexican coffee…thus the birth of the decadent gourmet churro menu, and super creative churro and ice-cream menu wherein traditional Mexican food items like tacos, tostadas and nachos, are made with ice-cream and churros. It's the first menu they are aware of with this with dessert concept as part of a menu.

The last bullet on the truck is "An Epic Family Experience" We live in a world today in need of more love and more happiness. Thayne and Joy often find this love and happiness in their children and grandchildren that remind them how important and how beautiful "joy" truly is. While we all work to buy "things"….as this family has aged, it is the memories they have created with family and friends that they hold with the utmost regard.

To encourage joy, happiness and good memories, the Martins created a Food Truck designed to promote these awesome memories. "Churro1" is the only truck in the U.S. with a complete light show including dance lighting, lasers, fog machines….and the coolest thing…bubbles filled with fog. Adults and kids always love bubbles and they are fun to pop and watch the fog disperse.

With Churromigos™, Thayne and Joy wanted to create an experience where people can come enjoy our food, laugh, dance and enjoy memorable moments with friends and family. Coupled with a 2,000 watt sound system, Churromigos Creamery Café™ is a mobile event truck providing great coffee, dessert food, epic music, epic lighting…and most importantly….AN EPIC FAMILY EXPERIENCE!

Welcome to Churromigos™! We hope you like this family creation….follow and share with your friends and family and make some incredible memories of your own. Come pop some bubbles! Life is about the ”now”…making memories and being present with the ones we love and care about.

The Churromigos™ Family